Responsible Gaming at Six6s

Six6s does its best to provide its customers with quality sports betting and casino services. It makes every opportunity for you to enjoy gambling and have a good time. Six6s encourages all customers to use its services wisely and responsibly to avoid negative consequences.

Six6s advises responsible gambling.

Main Provisions of the Responsible Gaming

Six6s is of the opinion that gambling is a way to relax and enjoy yourself. Borrowing money to gamble, spending more than you can afford, or using money set aside for other purposes is unwise and can lead to serious financial problems. Six6s urges you not to treat gambling as a way of generating profits to pay for life’s necessities, as there are no guarantees and there is always a risk factor involved.

If you want to gamble with Six6s app, you must be at least 18 years old or the minimum age allowed to gamble in the jurisdiction you are in. The Six6s team is committed to ensuring that players are safe and approach their gambling in a smart way.

How to Deal with Betting Addiction?

The vast majority of players are sensible about gambling and do not experience problems. However, a small portion of users do encounter negative consequences and addictions that affect their lives badly.

The well-being and comfort of customers is one of the top priorities of Six6s. In order to prevent possible problems, we recommend:

  • Treat betting and casinos as a recreational activity, not as a way to make money;
  • Clearly limit the budget you can spend on gambling;
  • Do not bet on money whose loss will lead to negative consequences in your life;
  • Do not bet on money that you have borrowed from any person or financial institution;
  • Place all bets with a cool head and do not make emotional decisions about losing money if this happens;
  • Do not allow betting to take up a significant amount of your time in your routine.

Also, remember that you can contact the friendly support team via [email protected] at any time. If you would like to self-exclude, the customer support can help you do so. Taking a short break can be very helpful, it can really put your mind at ease and help you to gather your thoughts and avoid making bad decisions.